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We never stop improving our services, including development methodologies, engineering practices, management techniques and QA standards to enhance our team’s capabilities and increase customer satisfaction.

Core Technology
Chip on Board (CoB) optoelectronic device design and packaging technology.
Single mode parallel optical design and precision manufacturing technology.
Multimode parallel optical design and coupling technology.
High speed electronic device design, simulation and testing technology.
R&D Team
Applying new optoelectronic technology to optical communication industry.
Focusing on the R&D in 40G/100G and other high-end optical transceiver module products.
Working on its own independent innovation, to make a world-class high-speed optical transceiver module company, covering R&D,designing and manufacturing.
A full-function-range team, including optical, electronic, mechanical, software, testing, manufacturing procedure and so on.
Guaranteed Product Quality
In accordance with our industry-leading Product Guarantee Policy, we guarantee the quality of every fiber optic product we sell.
3-Years Warranty
We provide a 3-Years Warranty for all optical transceivers deliverved to you.
Fast & Global Delivery
Large inventory of regular products ensures fast delivery. Shipment commonly be arranged by international couriers like TNT, FedEx, DHL, FedEx and UPS within 1~2 business days.
Extensive Cost Saving
With Do Networks’s total optical transceiver solution, you can see immediate, quantifiable cost savings up to 80%, while ensuring high quality product.
Compatibility and Reliability
We strictly test the products before delivery to ensure the compatibility and reliability on different brands of devices.
One Stop Supplier for Fiber Optics
We provide the transceivers products covering 0.5Mb/s to 40Gb/s rates with all types Package Style, as well as other related optics like MUX/DEMUX, Fiber Patch Cord, Media Converters that provide you one stop shopping to meet your fiber optics needs.


Room426, No.4 Building, 1st. Software Park, Keji Middle 3rd Road, Hi-Tech Park,Nanshan District, Shenzhen